Privacy Policy

Introduction respects the privacy of its customers and has issued this Privacy policy to outline its procedures for protecting your privacy.

Collection of Information

ImproveWise collect only product interest and customer contact information.  Product information includes shingle selection and color desired.  Contact information includes identifying information such as name, address, phone number and email address.  ImproveWise does not directly collect credit card or any other financial information (see below for Security of Financial Information).

Use of Information

ImproveWise uses product and contact information to develop online proposals for its customers’ home improvement projects.  ImproveWise may share address information with 3rd parties for the sole purpose of gathering measurement data for proposal preparation.  ImproveWise may use product and contact information to remarket to prospective customers.

ImproveWise does not sell or otherwise disseminate customer information to any other 3rd parties.  All customer information is stored in the company’s secured and password protected database.

Security of Financial Information

ImproveWise does not collect or store financial information.  Transactions are conducted by 3rd party certified financial intermediaries.  No credit card or other financial information is stored by ImproveWise’s financial partners.