About ImproveWise

ImproveWise leverages satellite and proprietary technologies to rapidly & cost-effectively close deals for roofers and home improvement contractors online.

Until ImproveWise, selling a new roof, windows, or siding to homeowners was more or less the same confusing, unsatisfying, roll of the dice that it was 50 years ago.

ImproveWise drastically streamlines the way homeowners purchase exterior home improvement services. 30-40% of young homeowners prefer to “buy everything on-line”. Leveraging our proprietary platform and highly precise satellite and aerial imagery, we are bringing the world of home improvement into the 21st century.

Gone are inconvenient appointments, high pressure sales calls, and inconsistent results. Now from a smart phone, homeowners can select their roof, siding or windows, get a firm price and sign a contract – all done without an onsite visit and completed in a fraction of the time.

Our 100% online buying process delivers sold contracts to our clients, and allows home improvement contractors to generate more business, drastically reduce sales costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

How it Works

ImproveWise provides a 100% online buying process, from offering product selections, precise pricing based on actual measurements and pre-defined pricing, customer chat, signed agreements, and deposit.


Get started fast.

Using the ImproveWise platform, we create a customized online presence for home improvement contractors.


Instant gratification for consumers.

Customers enter their address and make their roof, windows, or siding selections.


No-hassle process for everyone.

Using highly precise satellite and aerial imagery, we create a proposal, close the deal using live chat and video, and collect a deposit – all online. Sold!

Our Team

Deep knowledge of the exterior home improvement industry. Software and marketing experts. Established track records of success. Check.

Edward Weisberg

CEO, Co-Founder

Passionate leader with extensive startup and corporate experience. Marketing geek.

MS in Management from MIT and BA from University of Pennsylvania.

Matthew Weiner

COO, Co-Founder

10+ years of GM/COO experience in exterior home improvement industry. Roofing & solar guru.

MBA from Pepperdine University and BA from Miami University

Michael Hoey

CTO, Co-Founder

CEO, CTO, and founder of multiple software companies. Software platform virtuoso.

MS and BS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.

Mark Komanecky


Founder of multiple technology companies across several industries.

MS in Computer Engineering from RPI and BS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.